About Melanie

Melanie is a published writer and fashion stylist who has been featured on CNN Living, Conde Nast Style Society, Points North Magazine and in various other publications. 

She says, "The concept of recreating one's self through words and images is one that I hold dearly, which is why I started blogging too!" 

Often asked what it's like to be a writer, she explains, "Writing is about creating a visual of our thoughts and turning them into words, because we are each so uniquely made, the articulation will never be exactly the same." She continues, "an example would be, two people staring at the same mountain range; one may notice the snow peak first, the other may see the animals feeding at the base of the mountain. The things we see first is what molds our thoughts into what we notice next." 

In the 2012, on a whim, she created an event called 'The Perfect Pinterest Party', which garnered great reviews, and even brought her in contact with the Pinterest Community Manager, Enid Hwang and their PR giant, The Outcast Group, who also handles public relations for Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb and Amazon! Recalling the initial contact made with Pinterest and Miss Hwang, she says, "I like to think that on any given day we can change the direction of our lives, and create something very new, and practically from nothing."

"All it takes is a little ingenuity and focus, the key is not let fear deter you."  She adds, "I had a well-laid marketing plan and Pinterest was very receptive to it."

Melanie spends her free time giving back to community and for the past three years, she has taught an Art Program at Girls Inc of Greater Atlanta and is a five year committee member of Lions Lighthouse Foundation, primarily working with the very stylish event, Night of Spectacles. Melanie enjoys bridging business owners with non-profits for community events and helps to market them. "Do what you love" she says, "and everything else just falls into place, I am a firm believer in this and I try to positively practice what I preach!"




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