Friday, September 19, 2014

~The Power of the Inspired!!~Strength, Dedication, Inspiration, and Aspiration.

Here's some sweet inspirations to help you through the day. 

When you work for yourself, some days feel like it's you against the world, but know this, it isn't. There is a higher power that gives you drive and endurance, this power fires up your passion & even in your least pleasant moment, when you are the most tired, an idea forms. This idea, if seized right away, paves the way to something brighter and  creates a better you, then ignites the energy that you need to go forward. 

Stay the path. Godspeed. 


Thursday, September 18, 2014

~VOW Wedding Show!!~An Ethereal Water Colored Day Dream Delight!

This runway show was super refreshingly gorgeous?

I am still in awe! This show was a vision! 

It was the equivalent of the perfect wedding day dream. The bride drifting off on a white chaise, and envisioning floating soft pastel lights, beautiful gowns with sparkles and glitter, out of the ordinary bridesmaids dresses with prints like a perfect English garden, then on to a more edgy leopard with tufts of black tulle. The latter puts the typical, yet safe, satiny bridesmaid shift dress to shame! Who doesn't want a chic, confident bridesmaid? 

Let's continue on with the day dream! 

An acoustic guitarist accompanied by a voice so lovely, one would expect to see angels and little cherubs floating above her head, they step to the stage and the melody begins. The backdrop is infused with ethereal video, keeping the dream very much alive. 
I started to drift and day dream too for a brief moment, I thought it was the extra Prosecco! 
No, it's just a beautiful, mesmerizing runway show with a rock star production team. 
Not one glitch, gown after glittering gown. 

Bravo Atlanta Apparel, I will be counting down the days for the next VOW show! 


{all photos and video property of Capitol de Beaute}

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

~We love Booties!!~A Fall Shoe that Kicks Butt in the Style Department!!

Okay, I admit it! I had a little, er, A LOT of fun writing 'We Love Booties'! 
AND I got your attention!

Perfect for Fall, these booties are from Michael Kors. 



Tuesday, September 16, 2014

~From the Capitol de Beaute Instagram Files!!~Collections Eye Candy Du Jour!

Today feels like a Monday to me! 
So what is needed to get this day going?! Inspirations from Collections! 

When I find something that inspires me, I add it to a certain collection. Now, just to let you know, I see inspirations all around me all day long, so I am super particular about what I collect! 
No hoarding here! 

What do you collect? What inspires you to create the collection? 
I love rich color and texture, vintage heirloom pieces with history & quirky shapes! 

I hope today's post helps you discover what inspires you! 

Godspeed and Great Day!


I'm building a lovely collection of enameled pieces!
My hand bag tumbled in the passenger seat of the car! Photo op!
Also Building my Fall collection of key pieces! Yay for Black and Metals! 
Delicious thrift finds! {Yes, vintage Chanel!!}
Vintage Trifari goodies in gold, plus diamonds and citrine
My Great-GrandMother's Whiting and Davis Metal Mesh Bags. So lovely.
Mini me and I having coffee! 
Inspiring Celine Shoes from Saks Atlanta

{all photos property of Capitol de Beaute, please share with proper credits!}

Friday, September 12, 2014

~Saks Fifth Avenue Atlanta Feet Fete!!~

I had a grand evening last night at the launch of the 10022-Shoe Floor at Saks Atlanta! 
With an airy open floor concept, the look is very clean and concise, giving the shopper more room to browse and buy. I love the no barriers Chanel section, the nice Atlanta PD Officer let me move some things around for photos, but kept an eye on the entire area! 

Atlanta-based salon, Wax Studio, provided a complimentary polish change using the newly coveted Christian Louboutin nail colors! (to die, no! To live for!)  My nails look amazing after only one coat of polish! It's expensive, however, you do get the glossy look of gel nails with one coat. I'll let you know about the staying power in a few days! 

A lovely Prosecco and a few choices of specialty drinks were served, as the DJ pumped out disco infused beats, with models strutting the floor in fresh off the runway looks. 

I adore Sophia Webster! This design is flirty, chic and fun!

The perfect bootie for Fall 2014 from Chanel.

Go Big or go home! From the Chanel Texas collection! Yee Haw! I want both! 

 I love this crocodile bluesy ombre bag from Fendi! It reminds me of the Caribbean! 

 My Creative Director, Aurorha and I had a blast touching all of the new pretties!

The Fendi Karl Lagerfeld 'Karlito' key chain is really cool. I couldn't touch it, it's sold and it costs $1,750! Rats! 

The entire evening was fabulous, however, my perfect mani from Wax Studio was superb! The Louboutin colors are gorgeous!

Thanks for an amazing evening Saks Atlanta! Such fun!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

~Fly!!~Valentino Butterfly Cape from Barneys New York

Eventually we all migrate. The seasons change, we change, our situations change, we are in constant movement in one way or another.

Why not make the journey a beautiful one?