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Charity Events:

I find the things that I create from just a mere idea are the most rewarding.~Melanie

I have worked in the non-profit sector at different capacities for over 20 years; as a board chair, board member, volunteer, committee member, and fundraiser, I believe that giving back helps to build bridges within community, it can open new doors for business and it is the most amazing networking tool. No one loses by giving back, you gain new friends and do something beneficial & worthy for the advancement of humankind. ~melanie

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Giving Back:
"If you get, give. If you learn, teach."
~Maya Angelou

"Small changes eventually add up to huge results."

Creativity & Imagination: "Some things I only see with my eyes closed."
~Kush and Wizdom

"Today is not just another day, it's a new opportunity, another chance, a new beginning, embrace it."

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"Melanie Woodroffe, who admits to being "pin-obsessed," started planning the Atlanta event in February and contacted Pinterest Community Manager, Enid Hwang, who loved the idea and gave it the go! With the goal of bringing pinners together to benefit a local nonprofit, it turned out to be an easy sell for Pinterest, which contributed giveaways for a raffle, and for local sponsors, who donated free food and drinks."

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