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Powder Room Pollyanna
By Melanie Woodroffe
mi.Hair new media project, all rights reserved 
Published March 11, 2014

I am at a charity luncheon. Sitting at the table with me is a distinguished panel of educated women, both young and old. I am mesmerized by the young lady sitting directly across from me. She is wearing a gorgeous shade of merlot lipstick and she has bread crumbs completely caked to her lipstick. 
An older woman on the opposite side of her notices too, she leans over and whispers something to her. I am sure it is to tell her that her lips are full of crumbs from her roll and I am right. She is mortified and instead of excusing herself from the table and heading to the ladies powder room, she whips out an enormous sack of cosmetics from her handbag, drops it on the table in front of her plate, nearly knocking over a full glass of water, and sending seismic-like vibrations throughout the rest of the table and then, she noisily digs through the bag for a mirror while the keynote speaker speaks through the rattling and clinking. 

Everyone is staring at our table.
How many times have we witnessed something similar? We live in the day and age of an etiquette shortage. The excusing of one's self to the ladies room to touch up lipstick or to powder the nose is no longer the norm. It's sad that it never occurred to the bread crumb girl to excuse herself from the table to wipe the crumbs from her lips.

In her defense; in my younger days, before charm school, I may have reacted the same way!

Beauty etiquette indiscretions run rampant. So what do we do about them?
We lead by example. Our actions must positively pave the path! No glossing or glittering, no puffs of powder, or lining of the eyes in public settings. 

Leave it all to the ladies powder room.

So, next time you come across a little etiquette folly, such as the young lady with the crusted lips; merely, discreetly and nicely tell her that she has a little something on her lips and quietly give her directions to the ladies powder room.

I am sure that she will appreciate your kindness and pay it forward! 

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