~Kelly Reemtsen!~ America's Sweetheart Series

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My background is in Fine Art and though I prefer the 'old masters' to the more contemporary artist, there is something so refreshingly brilliant about Kelly Reemtsen's  'America's Sweet Heart' Series that I can not stop staring.  This collection depicts, and wonderfully so, what I am sure to be the stylized 1950s housewife, she is pretty & pristine AND perhaps on the edge. 

What a lovely 'do it yourself-er'.

Artist Bio:

"Kelly Reemtsen’s beautiful, texture-filled paintings are characterized by headless and thereby anonymous female figures, clothed in vintage dresses, against vacuums of white. Though her ladies are dressed to the nines, they carry as accessories typical household, often “masculine,” items, such as wrenches, hoses and chainsaws. These women can, on one hand, be identified as stereotypical housewives, an effect magnified their dresses that evoke the 1950s. Reemtsen’s treatment of her subject shatters these stereotypes with results ranging from the quaint to the menacing, though in a vibrant and elegant manner. Kelly Reemtsen’s work will be presented at an upcoming exhibition at De Buck Gallery in New York, which opens in Fall 2013."

Exhibition in New York City at De Buck Gallery in October 2013

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