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~From the Capitol de Beaute Instagram Files!!~

9:11 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

I love collections! The best thing about being a blogger/writer for me is being able to share really beautiful things with you from the past & present. 

I am not the pose in an outfit & take a photo person!
I want to offer a well-rounded view of stylish & beautiful things for you to see & let you make the decision of whether you love aesthetically & are inspired by it. 

We can't love everything, but we can be creatively & visually guided by much! 
And who knows?! What I share with you today, may be your muse tomorrow!

xo, melanie, founder of Capitol de Beaute
{p.s. Pinterest & Instagram are my favorite places to share, join me there!}

Christian Dior Grand Bal
{Taken at Saks Fifth Ave. Atlanta}

Tiffany and Co. Winter Wonderland Window
{Taken at Tiffany's Phipps Plaza}

 Estate Sale Gold Plated Leaf
{Lee Jofa Fabric}

Antropologie Art Deco inspired bracelet

1800's Victorian Scarf Brooch in Sterling 

 Horse Brooch, Aztec Calendar Pendant, Goddess Bracelet, Taxco Necklace & Turquoise Bracelet {all vintage sterling}
{I loved horse shows as a child, my Mother gave me this pin when I was 12}

 Vintage Gerda Lynggaard Monies Necklaces
{out of all of the antique jewelry I own, this is the top fave}

Handmade Green Turquoise, Apatite, Tiger's Eye, Aventurine & Leather Necklace by Moi!
{I love making jewelry}

Parisian Gold & Enamel Medallions purchased in France

 I love costume jewelry too!
{purchased at the Atlanta Tradeshow}

Taken at the Belk Media Spring Release with Arlene Goldstein
{Every girl loves pearls}

My most recent treat!
{Chanel inspired}

Taken at Chanel Saks Fifth Ave. Atlanta 
{Love Chanel}

Taken at Phipps Plaza Atlanta

Vintage Gucci Belt

Taken at the Swarovski Showroom
{Blinded by the lovely light}

Another recently purchased piece.
{1950s inspired}

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