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Emerging Art Scene Gallery


Jessica Blinkhorn

Vicariously Blue Are the Remains of the Day

I had the wonderful pleasure of spending an evening with Jessica Blinkhorn at Emerging Art Scene Gallery for the opening of her exhibit 'Vicariously Blue Are the Remains of the Day'. 
Her works are a refreshing perspective of her life ethereally surrounded by beautiful hues of blue.  Such as the blue chair she inherited from her Grandmother, in which she has never been able to sit in, however, living vicariously through such of the sitter. 

Jessica has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a degenerative disease that confines her to a motorized chair.  She is truly more mobile than most of us, who tend to take moving for granted & chose to sit through life with very little achieved.  

'Vicariously Blue Are The Remains of the Day' is a series of meticulous watercolors with abstract partners, beautifully illustrated with hints of blue. The abstracts are painted with the remaining colors from the previous piece, creating a distinctive contrast to it's partner.  

Emerging Art Scene Gallery owner, Denise Jackson has an innate eye for talent, her choices of pieces exhibited in her gallery prove that she chooses wisely. Not based on haste, nor trend, she has represented some of the most intriguing and thought provoking artist in Atlanta.

Emerging Art Scene Gallery is located at 321 Nelson Street SW in Atlanta and in the heart of the Castleberry Hill district. 

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