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~Local Monday!~Fashion Illustrated by Artist Jessica Durrant

11:50 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

"My artwork is inspired by the things that I am passionate about. Traveling, fashion, rock n roll music, architecture, nature, glossy magazines, Japanese illustration, other artisans inspiring work and life itself!"  ~Jessica Durrant

Jessica, you are truly inspiring!

'Gesture of Audrey' by Jessica Durrant!

'Backstage' by Jessica Durrant,
based on the gown below by Marchesa.

'Dior does Ombre' by Jessica Durrant!

'The Fuschia Lip' by Jessica Durrant!

'Trees as Veins' by Jessica Durrant!
"Gothic & pretty at the same time."

Jessica's works can be found through the following sites below!


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