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12:09 PMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

When I think about fashion, I always have sustainable style in mind. I may show you a $1,700 Gucci bag, but in reality, even if I had the cash to buy, I wouldn't. You know why? I could probably find something similar at a resale or thrift store for much less & love a lot more! 
So I still get the quality of a luxury item, but I saved money & up-cycled!

See below!

My gorgeous Pringle of Scotland $698 Silk Blouse!
It still had the tags, and I purchased it for $9.97!
Necklace was a thrift store find too! $30.00!

Moschino Cherry Red Pumps!
$3.50! These are $900 shoes!
So cute!

My true love is vintage, I have a collection of handbags & jewelry that date back as far as the mid-1800s! Not only do I get a piece with rich history, it's made beautifully & items were limited then, not mass produced.
Check out some of my favorite pieces above! 
All Christian Dior, except for the Chanel 'double c' pin!

 For the stylish Bridge player!
All vintage finds!

Everything above was thrifted!
P.S. I haven't purchased one new fashion item in almost a year! :)

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