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~Man 'o Man!~

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It's guy time! 

This post is dedicated to all the classically fashionable guys who want the different, the hard to get, the vintage, the have forevers! 

The items shown are from my very own collection of family treasures! A gorgeous AND manly collection to say the least! 

I hope you enjoy!

"It's a ball in a cup! A ball in a cup!" {For those of you who watch Family Guy!} However, this was a real form of entertainment before tablet & smartphone!

Inspector Gadget-esque from London Fog, circa 1960!

Vintage barber sheers, my Grandfather's favorite ones. He would trim his mustache with them! 

Yeah Baby! Vintage Jack Daniels {It's never been opened!} Coins, Keys, Architecture books & other great stuff to take back to the man cave!

Old No. 7 from Jack Daniel's, even the dust looks great! 

JD vintage shot glass too!

Keys & coins, a guy's best stuff! These are more than 60 years old! 

No guy likes a little pickle, unless you can wind it up & watch it go! 
Take me to your leader! He's an 'oh so awesome' alien antique bank from the future!

The struggle & peril of man & status.

The Underwood typewriter, I dug this out of the archives of family treasures! Look at the thick dust! Not cleaning!

The gospel, circa 1870!

My Grandfather's pipe with vintage gold wax matches.

Check out my Pinterest board Man 'o Man too! 

P.S.  I think my Grandfather was the very first 'hipster',  he enjoyed a nice bourbon, smoking his pipe & just had really cool stuff! He's was a total original! 

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