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~A Beautiful Life Must Be Made!!~Sweet August Reflections Unfiltered~

12:16 PMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

So much reflecting & pondering going on with me today! 

The month of August brings out the anticipation of the end of Summer. 
Autumn is closer than Spring; Summer 2014 will soon be left somewhere in the past, a distant memory of what was, yet still is, like something lingering on the brink of change, but not quite there. 

I can not say that 2014 has been the very best for me. I have lost loved ones. My Family and Friends are everything to me. It has been hard, however, I am an optimist and God's love burns a bright flame within me. He has given me amazing people, great talents, opportunity, and most of all, life and I truly live it! 

Below are just a few things that make me smile & grateful. 

I wish you the best this month, and I hope that you remain hopeful in the pursuit of your dreams and a life full of beautiful things. 

xo, melanie

My adorable desk full of found objects! 
I love to be surrounded by beauty and things with history. 

 My motto! If you don't try, how can you know? 

 My sweet love, Louis. He turned 9 years on July 31st! 

 When in doubt, go dig in the dirt! It is our life force, and the garden brings me hope.

 I love lovely things, and being a fashion/lifestyle writer has brought me many opportunities! Super grateful, even though it is an ebb and flow industry.

 I love clouds! They are so mood and broody! I am always looking to the sky for help and hope! 

I adore vintage and antique anything, like I said previously, I love things with history. 
The crystal & sterling jewelry box was passed down to me from a great, great Aunt. 

What girl doesn't love Chanel. I stalked these at Saks Atlanta! I love that store!

 What can I say, I love my friends! 

These are not mine! I wish! Too small! They belong to my friend who owns a couture retail store called Doubletake.
They do represent all of the things I love about life. It's sparkle, it's shine and it's one size does not fit all. Interesting that a shoe reminds me of such?! 

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