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~VOW Wedding Show!!~An Ethereal Water Colored Day Dream Delight!

9:05 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

This runway show was super refreshingly gorgeous?

I am still in awe! This show was a vision! 

It was the equivalent of the perfect wedding day dream. The bride drifting off on a white chaise, and envisioning floating soft pastel lights, beautiful gowns with sparkles and glitter, out of the ordinary bridesmaids dresses with prints like a perfect English garden, then on to a more edgy leopard with tufts of black tulle. The latter puts the typical, yet safe, satiny bridesmaid shift dress to shame! Who doesn't want a chic, confident bridesmaid? 

Let's continue on with the day dream! 

An acoustic guitarist accompanied by a voice so lovely, one would expect to see angels and little cherubs floating above her head, they step to the stage and the melody begins. The backdrop is infused with ethereal video, keeping the dream very much alive. 
I started to drift and day dream too for a brief moment, I thought it was the extra Prosecco! 
No, it's just a beautiful, mesmerizing runway show with a rock star production team. 
Not one glitch, gown after glittering gown. 

Bravo Atlanta Apparel, I will be counting down the days for the next VOW show! 

{all photos and video property of Capitol de Beaute}

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