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Will June top May in fabulousness? I hope so!
It's my Birthday Month! 17 days away! Yay!

I can't believe only yesterday, it was May! 
What a blast, so here's a few fun pics added to my instagram account this past month, for more fun images, follow the Capitol de Beaute Instagram Feed! 

1. I spend a lot of time at my computers & desk, so changing things up is my thing!

2. My blood is 99.3% black french-pressed coffee!{sometimes I use a 1950s percolator}  

3. I have a lot of coffee shots, this one is from Amelie's Bakery!

4. I eat healthy everyday. Fish, veggies, fruit, cheese....and I'm still shapely juicy, size does not determine health! It's how you feel, it's how your skin looks and general health is! 

5. I love Chanel. Who doesn't? Don't answer, I'll just think you're weird! 

6. In love with aesthetics! I find beauty in everything!

7. These two girly girls! Hannah & Brittany! Models with Factor Atlanta & the sweetest, most beautiful people ever!

8. My friend, Fashion Designer extraordinaire, Myriam Belasse, go check her out! Belasse Collection, but finish my list first! ;)

8.5Another dear Fashion Designer Friend, CFDA's golden boy, Wes Gordon studied under her! Nina Gleyzer | Nina's Couture

9. My pretty necklace, that's all. 

10. As most know, I am a skincare & beauty product fanatic, stay tune for the soon to launch, Cheers to Good Skin ! Follow on Facebook, Pinterest & IG.

11. I make art too. 

12. My lovely work space. My computers are on another desk, to the right! Bookshelves, line the left! Love it!

13. One of my best days in May! Meeting this guy! Ricardo Dinis! Aveda's Global Artistic Director! 

14. I love flowers & gardening, it's where I find peace. When I'm stressed, I can walk out the door & into the garden! 
Home Office perks!

15. I cleaned out my handbag & shared this image, people started tweeting that it's art! I love it!

16. I found a beetle in a dollar bin that screamed ART PROJECT! So I bedazzled & glittered! 

17. My sister & I in a Tesla, that crazy glow! That car needs to be mine! Eek! Love it!

{I like no.17, it's my birthdate! Whoot!}

Happy June!! Thank you so much for stopping by!
xo, melanie

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