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~Don't Lose Your Cool in the Cold!!~

11:16 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

How to be chic in the chill?!

Follow these 3 key steps:

1. Layer, don't bundle. Layers can be removed once inside or when the temps creep up. Think airy fabrics that hold heat. 

2. Choose a double-ply cashmere, merino wool or fur when trying to keep toasty. Keep in mind rule number one; layer the lights underneath and the heavy over the lights. 

3.  Don't lazy layer. Wear your chic pieces when out in the public eye. Nothing feels worse than meeting friends for Saturday hot toddy's and seeing the stylish girls peel the warm layers off, only to reveal more style. 
Unless you are wearing the super cool Thakoon sweats shown here, don't dress sloppy just because you didn't feel like going out in the first place! Put on nice jeans, a sweater, boots and a faux fur wrap and your coat. Add jewelry, moisturizer with an SPF, blush, a colored lip gloss and mascara and go have a great time! 

Click here & check out my Cold Weather Mood Board on Pinterest!

xo, melanie



Thakoon Addition:

Faux fur coat:


navy pleats + patent leather.:

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