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Basket Case

12:55 PMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

Spring woven Handbags for Spring 2019

My countdown to Spring included waiting patiently to pull these crazy vintage woven wonders out!!
With metallic & weaved accessories trending high in the fashion world right now, I know the rarity of being copied, because these hard to find pieces because a couple of these have been stashed away in my lovely atelier for ions! (check out these from the Zoe Report!)

The golden oldie clutch from Anne Klein by Calderon dates back to the early 70s! I found it in NYC a few years back at a soon to close thrift store owned by two raspy voiced sisters, both in their 80s!

The open weave bag I purchased in the Virgin Islands, I have taken really great are of it over the years, and love it!

The vintage basket bag by Princess Charming by Atlas is a recent score! I found a few months back in a tiny thrift/vintage store on the outskirts of Atlanta! It is in pristine condition! I can't wait to carry!

Do you have any vintage finds that are currently trending in the fashion world?! Do tell! I love seeing and hearing stories about chic finds!

xo, melanie

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