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| ShiftCon Atlanta 2019 |

3:23 PMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

Spending my self-care Sunday catching up on emails & writing! Feels so good! I plan to enjoy my Bright & Cheery Detox Mask & Numi Turmeric tea AND the delicious Fall weather a little later! 

Wow, what an incredible few days at Shiftcon, the National Eco-Wellness Conference! 

It was everything that I had hoped it to be & so much more! I felt the loving space they aspire to create & I feel better about the baby & big people steps needed to make our planet a better place to live, because, in all honesty, this is all we got! 

Great to hear Keynote Speaker, Actress & Activist, Alysia Reiner (Orange in the New Black & Deuce) speak absolute & authentic truth! She is super dynamic & real, so refreshing!  

Awesome meeting the Founder of Shiftcon, Leah Segedie, writer @mamavation on insta, who shared incredible insight about my brand & plugged her everything into my iPhone! I plan to contact you Leah! 

Great to see Ari Adams, CEO of Shiftcon & Blogger of @lovepeacemommy on insta and her brand expansion! 

Many thanks to all the great brands who were represented and gifted so much!  

@amandaleesburg on insta, I am always grateful for you! 
She is the best eco-representation & sustainable consulting you will ever need! 


Please know this, every step you make towards a sustainable lifestyle is a step towards saving our planet!

So much work to be done! More to come! Stay tune & follow me on @cheerstogoodskin on insta as well!



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