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| The Power of Positive Paper |

10:17 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

I am forever in awe of the universe. How beautifully connected & in alignment some things fall, which  brings me to this amazing person. Paper Greats  Founder, Selina Fletcher. I met Selina at the ShiftCon Conference in Atlanta 7 weeks back. As most know, I am a lover of color, graphics, chic style & eco friendly! Selina’s newly launched line @papergreats drew me in, as well as her honest, kind nature. Needless to say, we had a great chat about being a small business owner, sustainability & the ebb and flow of everything! . #itsalot . 🌱🙌🏾 .

I love Paper Greats motto & about story on her website. It inspires me even more to keep the planet front and foremost on my mind & the positive messages we can convey every day by being present. .
.🌍♻️❤️ .

Paper Greats About:
You're here. You're great. What a papertunity!

Welcome to Paper Greats. Life can be messy, complicated, overwhelming, and busy. We all have good days and bad days and we aim to live life beautifully, positively, and responsibly.
Recognizing not all superheroes wear capes, we prefer to use our powers for good. We marry beauty with sustainability and we believe in being kind to ourselves and the planet.

We know how tough it can be to juggle it all when you're just trying to get the kids to school on time so we strive to make life a little bit easier for our consumer. .
. .
We are focused and committed to taking you from surviving to thriving by making beautiful and playful products.

We hope to give you more time for yourself, your family, more time for fun, kindness, and generosity.

Life is short -  let us take something off of your plate and put it on ours.

Hugs & Sparkles, The Paper Greats Team
. -Selina, thank you for the lovely box of beautiful. . Your beautiful soul matches your brand so perfectly, you are truly an inspiration & yes, the original ‘Idea Jedi’
xo, Melanie .
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