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9:50 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe


Join us in celebrating the beginning of a new era of hope. 

As newly elected President Joe Biden went to work and newly elected Vice-President Kamala Harris (Female, a female VP!!) took her seat in the senate, swearing in the newly elected Senators Osoff, Padilla & Warnock, my soul swirled with excitement. 

All this newness in a new year! 
An ethereal peacefulness set in. 

Though I know no one person, or even a large group of responsible people can fix a multitude of issues that face America daily, and the last tumultuous four years can not be deleted from our minds, I still remain hopeful. 

With America on refresh, let us work towards the opportunity to show our best side everyday from this day on. 


xo, melanie 

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