Alexander Wang LOVE

Oh, say it's So Ho!

9:47 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

Web: Alexander Wang plans to open Flagship store in NYC!

Melanie: Well, hot damn! Where?

Web: SoHo, the former Yohji Yamamoto space! 103 Grand Street in SoHo!

Melanie: Oh, so SoHo, Whoa! Yohji Yamamoto (I love to sing it like Gwen Stefani!)

Web: Whatever, anyway.... uh huh, scheduled to open later this year!

Melanie: OMgoshy! Must plan to SO be in SoHo!

Web: Yep, now that that's confirmed, go find something to do outside, it's Labor Day weekend, and it hasn't been this cool in Atlanta since January!

Melanie: k

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