Chained Gang

Ball & Chain ~CdB~ investigates the greatness of things that can weigh us down!

10:45 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

Love's got a hold on me, baby,

Feels like a ball and chain.

Oh, love's holdin' on to me,

Feels to me, oh like a ball and a chain,

Honey somethin' will grab around the knees, grab me in my heart,

Feels to me like a ball and a chain now,

Yeah, alright, yeah!

~Excerpts from Janis Joplin's Ball & Chain

CdB Jewelry
{my line!}

with my lovely ring from
Smart Glass Jewelry by Kathleen Plate
 made from beer bottle glass!

{can be found at Re-Inspiration-Atlanta}

For the Hip Hop Knitting Circle!

B & B {Ball&Chain}
Seating for when you need to be chained down!

Femme Fatale Maya Luz B&C Bag!

Asphalt Art!
However, clever!

Chain Gang Couture!

Perfect Halloween Costume to share with the one you love!

Awww....He's well-connected!
Sweet, love is grand!

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