Barbie Dawn Dolls

~Dawn of the Dolls!~

10:40 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

What happened to Dawn Dolls?

Only 6 inches in height, Dawn dolls must have seem bigger than life to a young girl in love with fashion!  In fact, at one point, in their short lives (pun, intended!) they outsold Barbie!

"Dawn, like Barbie, was the main doll of the line. Dawn's friends included Angie, Dale, Glori, Fancy Feet, Jessica, Kip, Connie and Longlocks. There were four boy dolls as well: Gary, Van, Kevin and Ron. Dawn also had friends who modeled for a modeling agency: Daphne, Dinah, Denise, Maureen and yes, a Melanie!
{Thanks Wikipedia!}

Dawn Dolls were the Haute Couture of fashionable playthings! 
I want to collect them all!!
Wishful, fun thoughts and Happy Sunday! :)

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