~Spontaneous Randomness!~

10:26 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

Today is a random kind of day!
A spontaneous day where no function or form is needed!
Being Random is about the openness to learn something new!

So here's my post for today! Take from it what you want or don't want, need or don't need & remember, always allow the randoms in your life!

Everyday we choose randomly to Post or not post, read or not read, care or not care and wear or not wear!
Whether you think that you planned it or not, those choices are all random!
Why not expand upon our daily randoms & be open to a new thing or two about living?!! 

NO! Not from Facebook, Twitter or Google....stop sitting & go do!

Happy trailblazing!
later! :)
Vast! Gorgeous! SO much to know....Explore!  

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