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Oh, December! You carry so many emotions....the holidays, the end of another year, the stress of the holidays!
What will we do to stay calm? The spiked eggnog & over indulgence of cocktails are just not enough!

Let's start with a list of three little things to keep down holiday hysteria....free, tiny indulgences.... 

1.  Cosmetic counters are your friend! Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus....the list goes on!
Schedule an appointment, go sit & enjoy! You may learn a new thing or two, and it will cost you nothing!
I suggest three things! Make sure to call in advance, go alone & let a professional make the call!
If you don't like, you can always remove!

2.  In the Closet, GO!
You probably have a million new looks in there! Remember when you were six, frolicking in Mom's closet & making up outfits....you can still do this! You can! Grab a girlfriend or two! Swap clothes & accessories! {Champagne optional & donate the no longer liked!}

3.  Quiet time....it's free! Outsmart your smartphone by turning it off. Give the iPad a rest! 
Shut it down! Turn off & Tune out! If you can try it for a day! 
Great! If you are a junkie, put aside a few hours....seek help in the new year!

Happy Calm!

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