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~Local Monday!~

9:47 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

CdB loves giving 'shout outs' 
& Atlanta is the place to give them!
So many creative & talented people doing amazing things
See below!

Think Steeplechase! April 14th is around the corner!
Beautiful, eco-friendly & Atlanta-made!

Color-blocked Pretty!
Donna Degnan at Karen's Fine Apparel!
Karen & Melissa are awesome!
{John's Creek, GA}

Two of my Atlanta favorites in one beautiful must have Handbag!
Ann Roth for Orange Duffel Bag Foundation
{click link & support ODBF !}

Dress & Shoes from Posh Boutique~Marietta, GA
Model: Recording Artist, Zoe Myers; click! Follow Zoe!
Photography by Nai-Tsang Chang

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