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9:30 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

Union Jacked!

Don't let the lack of a sloaney upbringing stop you from faking a British accent, and talking about all things Pippa! 
Honestly, I barely know anything about Pippa, except she is Kate Middleton's sister & the trashy tabs at the grocery checkout love her! Well, now they love Demi, but before....Pippa this & Pippa that!

Interesting enough, I worked for a British Art Gallery for several years, so I do know a fake British accent, and I know for a fact the Brits love the Union Jack more than Pippa!  So there!

Anyway, check out the luxe goods makers below that love Union Jack as well, the French & the Italians!


Union Jack Gucci

Union Jack Gucci

Chanel Brit Collection

Chanel Brit Collection


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