Cayman Jack Margaritas Cocktails

~Super Summer Sippys!~ How to liven up a Garden Party!!

5:19 PMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

Oh Summer, how I love your ease! 

The best thing about Summer for me is a good garden party! 

Get a few friends together for a game of Croquet, a few small bites & bbq.....and of course, cocktails!! Yay!!

These sweet concoctions are so easy, you can pretty much whip them up over night!!
For an extra delicious treat, freeze! Part boozey Granita, part sorbet & a lot of yummy! 

Serve with a few fresh berries on top, or as shown on the Pom Granitas above, with a sprig of fresh mint!

Turn a cocktail into a poptail! Above is a classic Screwdriver frozen in a paper cup with a popsicle stick!

Throw fruit & leftover red wine in a blender {there is NEVER left over wine in my house, so I use a nice new bottle of rich Malbec!} mix with a few ice cubes & a little agave nectar & TADA! Sangria Slushey! 

How about a super quick & healthy frozen margarita?!!  Yes, good for you in many ways!! 

Partially freeze a can/bottle of Cayman Jack margarita, chill a glass as well....
{This stuff is the best darn stuff ever & gluten free made with blue agave nectar & real lime juice!!}
When ready, cut a lime & rim the glass with the juice, dip rim in Himalayan pink salt {84 minerals & pretty too!!} & pour the contents of Cayman Jack over crushed ice!

So fast & delicious you will never need tequila again!! 

Do enjoy Darlings!

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