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~Rainy Day Musings!!~

12:09 PMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

It is pouring rain & freezing cold in Atlanta, so I have decided to spend the day making things & curating collections. 

Here's a few things that make me happy! 

Vintage Gucci Silk Clutch with Chain!
{I found the 1940s fox cuffs at a thrift store!}

My Dior Pearl Earring Copies!
{I made them!}

Silver leafing in my studio!

I love making things!

My newly acquired books
{no time for TV! I live to read!}

More craft projects in progress!

Crochet wreaths!

Julian Chichester event at Holland & Co.
{Candles & potted flowers! So pretty!}

Our Beacon of Hope Cupcakes & Coffee Social! 
We crafted! We ate cupcakes! We laughed & drank coffee! Yay!
 {Love Pinterest so much! We gave away official Pinterest stickers!}

After the Coffee & Cupcake Social, we headed over to Gizzelle James' Atelier to attend an event for Friends with Vintage!  
Loved everything she had, especially with sequins! 

Girls love sparkle! I love sharing & great people who share too!

{P.S. stay tuned, on Thanksgiving Day I will be giving away some great stuff! So please comeback and visit after dinner!} 

Do enjoy your day!


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