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~Oh Dior, J'adore!!~

1:57 PMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

Sometimes we just migrate towards certain people and certain things. My love affair with Christian Dior has been a life time! I still have a Dior Summer suit from the 80s that I refuse to part with! (It has seen it's day, it is just really hard to let go of!) 

This past month, events that I have attended have been super Dior-filled. Every where I turn....Dior! Dior! I think the brand is taking over the world, or maybe just my life, (I like!)
as you can see from the pics below! 


xo, melanie

 Every girl needs a Fall look. I found mine at Saks Atlanta during Beauty Week! 
Smokey, sexy cat eye and lashes for days with brooding red lips! All Dior! 

Some of you love Vogue, I love Harpers Bazaar and Vogue and Lucky and Allure....mixed in with my Dior. I love vintage too!

More Dior for sure....glossy and delicious!

I'm so proud of this pic! No filter, just sheer and delightful bright sunshine on a gorgeous day! And a rarity, a coke!

Who wants to run when you can just stand around and look gorgeous in these?! ;)

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