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~Wildly Entertaining Stuff!!~Markus Reugels Art

9:39 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

I am somewhat of an art maven /slash/ savvy fashion /slash/ technology //back slash back slash// science /slash/  beauty fanatic who is always searching internet byways for the next mesmerizing thing to take my focus away from important things, like working. {not to be confused with ADHD} 
I am very focused, just on occasion prefer not to be too focused.....anyhoo, I don't get any pills for this today.

This guy's stuff is amazing! 
Markus Reugels {click here} blows things up for the sake of art! It is bad arse fascinating! 

Maybe I should pop out the Harmon Kardons, acrylic paints & birthday balloons from 10 years ago & give it a go? 
Or maybe I should just admire from a far & let the expert do his thing. Yeah, the latter, right?

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