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~Double Heart the Outdoor's Woods this Holiday Season!!~

11:50 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

It's a few days before Christmas, I have tons of things I could be doing, however, I don't feel like doing them! 
All I wanted to do this morning after walking my dog was frolic in the Atlanta chill {a mere 52 degrees} and get some fresh air before the rain comes this evening and for the rest of the week! Christmas will be wet! 

What did I do? I foraged & pilfered my backyard! The challenge was to find stuff from nature I could use for home decor! 

With my Tory tote in hand and my favorite vintage Smith & Hawken snippers, I headed for the outskirts of the back garden, clipping cypress branches along the way! 
Cypress smells divine, and I wanted to bring the amazing and oh so familiar holiday fresh pine smell into my house! Perfect! It was time to trim back a few branches anyway! 

Next, I headed to the herb garden, the only thing growing this time of year is rosemary, it's an evergreen too, so I snipped away! Oh that scent! Love it! Did you know rosemary increases alertness and clarity? Every reason to add a little green  near your workstation!

The front, near the patio is loaded with heavenly bamboo, which has similiar pretty red berries like holly. So I snipped a few of those too! {Beware: heavenly bamboo is toxic, so keep away from pets & people who might eat it!} Pinecones are very easy to find in my yard, so I found a few recently fallen branches with lovely pinecones on them, and tucked into my bag!

I talk incessantly about my pink camellias! They seem like they're in a perpetual state of bloom! I love the blooms, but also the waxy, shiney green leaves! They preserve well, and stay green for about a week. With everything in tow in my tote, I made my way to back to the table on the patio, which is used during the warm months as an outside living space, however, when the weather is good in the winter, like today, I use as a craft table. {I just realized it's the first day of winter!}

The pics I have shared here are things I made without buying anything. The flat bowl, vase, bits of Chanel ribbon, twisty bread ties {used to secure} are all things I had on hand!

I would love to see what you can come up with! Shoot me a message or follow me on instagram @capitoldebeaute & tag me in your photo! 

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!
xo, melanie

{all photos are property of Capitol de Beaute}

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