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~Little Smiling Smelly Melly!!~Chanel, my Love of a Lifetime!

9:59 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

The above photo is me at age 5 years. 
A little on the leggy side then and now, I ended up growing to a tall 5'9"! I wore tights, in various colors, always matching my outfits all year 'round. I didn't care about the climate. I am still the same way today, if I want to wear something, I wear it. If I love something, I love it. I'm loyal. 

In my teens, I modeled for print & runway, I worked in New York in both beauty & fashion and now, am a lifestyle writer, beauty & fashion being my favorite topics. I fell in love with beauty & fashion very early on in life, as you can see and love it with the same fervor to this day.

One Christmas, at the tender age of 5, I fell in love with Chanel
Ask my Mother & she will tell you the story. My Father was in the AirForce and had just returned to the U.S. from a visit in Paris. He had purchased Chanel No. 5 for my Mother, her Birthday is the 18th of December & Christmas was just around the corner, it was probably expensive...but love has no price, right? 

My Mother tells the story so much better than I, but I will give you a shorter version. It was on her dressing table, this beautiful amber-filled bottle with a glittering crystal stopper. I climbed up, pushing the chair sideways with my feet straddled & planted between the bed and the table. 

At least, that is what I told her through the tears. She said she could smell Chanel No. 5 before I walked through the house, however, at the same time she smelled, was simultaneously, the same time I graced the door where she stood. We all know time changes thoughts & memories, but trust me, this woman remembers everything. 

To this day, I swear I can remember her being slightly teary-eyed, yet she tells me each time that she wasn't upset or mad. I smiled at her as she bent down and merely asked me, in a quiet way. "Melly, what did you do?" And I said, "Mommy, I am wearing Channel 5." 

She only lost a smidgen of the bottle that day and moved it out of my reach. I put on quite a bit for pure perfume & spilled a little on the lace on the dressing table, however, instead of washing my dress, she hung it in her closet as a sachet. And that, my friends, is where the life long love of Chanel Beaute began. Since that day, my Mother has called "Little Smiling Smelly Melly". She sings it. I love it.

Happy Holidays!
xo, melanie

Santa came early last night! I love Saks Atlanta! The Chanel Beaute Team is SO gorgeously sweet! All of the ribbon & wrapping paper is beautiful too! It's a Chanel Holiday!
Even though we are 12 days away, my sister Vanessa couldn't help but give my lovely Chanel gifts early! {with a little coercing.}  Merry, Merry indeed! Yay! 

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