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~Cherish the Babe Cave!!~

5:47 PMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

Winter is for hibernating! It is built into our DNA to take a chill when the chill hits! Need a little chic and cozy escape from the outside world? Well, grab your BFF and seek retreat in the woman cave! Yes, I said, 'woman cave!' If men can have a cave, then so can us girls! Hmmm....lets call mine, the 'Babe Cave' instead! 

Yay! The babe cave it is! 

My babe cave features the elegantly designed vintage chrome bar stools from Chairish, covered in a delicious, velvety lipstick red, these vintage Pierre Cardin stools are the perfect accent for any room. 

I love navy blue and white, and find they are both the perfect neutral shades to balance out bursts of bright colors. To avoid looking like it's the 4th of July in February, I added textures, tones, and prints for balance. What girly doesn't love leopard cushions, Mark Chappell snake prints & colorful Voutsa wallpapered smooches in her babe cave?!

Candles, books and historical items pepper my living space, and I enjoy collecting things with roots. I am the daughter of a former antique and art dealer! My Mother's store was a treasure trove of wonderful. She has a very unique eye for the intriguing! I think it's innate! I also feel it's important to fill your living space with memories and modern, finishing touches define who you are, and I am a sentimentalist with her eye on the future! 

xo, melanie 

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