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~Career Girl Style Cheat Sheet!~

9:34 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

Oh, career wear isn't what it used to be! Thank goodness! Can you imagine wearing the tight, revealing dresses or skirts to work like the ladies on the episodes of Madmen?! As sexy as it appears on those ladies, having the perpetual wrinkled ripple from the naval to the top of the thighs is not professional & can cut off circulation, if you happen to sit too long! Yikes!

Check out a few ideas below and on my Cool Girls Wear This Pinterest Board too!  So many great options! 
I am totally into mix and match classic pieces, graphic prints, neutrals with a dot of color & delicious, fun accessories! 
Blazers are back & add a polished look to your working wardrobe! Great for a chilly office too! {and yes, I said 'blazer', they still exist, but if you must, say 'jacket', that's fine too!} Think linen, flowing light weight jersey or cotton blends.

And remember, wear clothes that fit you no matter what the size, too snug equals ugh!

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