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~What's a Birkin without Jane Birkin?!~Well, it's just an extremely overpriced handbag!

11:37 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

The Birkin Rainbow!

Let's face it! 
The 'average' everyday Hermes Birkin bag costs about $10,000! That's for the normal, kick around everyday average rich person, not a billionairess or celebrity quite yet, but your successful startup has a startup and you have extra angel fund money to burn! 

You could give that 10k as a bonus to your awesome beck and call assistant, who is living pay check to pay check, while trying to pay off the astronomical student loans she acquired getting her Master's to become your assistant, but no, that's her business. 
You deserve this Birkin, and being averagely basic, you are buying it! 

I have never quite understood the obsession over the Birkin.  Jane Birkin's style has always been low key & casual chic. She's well known for carrying a damn picnic basket around on her arm, for God's sake! {See Here!} And now she wants her name removed from the Crocodile Birkin {if not all Birkins}, which will deem it just an ordinary $60,000+ handbag! {that's 10 Large 2.55 Chanel Bags, give or take inflation!} and Darlings, when we speak of Chanel, we speak of the hard working Coco's design legacy, making anything Chanel well worth the money!
No offense to Jane Birkin or Hermes.

Anyway, it will be interesting to watch all of this un-Birkin-ing unfold! What will happen to the Birkin when Jane removes her name?

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