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~Life, Fast Forward!!~July already?! What the?!

1:00 PMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

 July 1st. Wow, time flies. 

6 months ago, on January 1st, we started the excursion into a new year. 2015. The day passed, as jaunts usually do, and now, here we are. As I write & sip my Matcha tea, watching the loose leaves break from the strainer & swirl in the steaming water,  I am reminded of the correlation my tea has with life, that urge to break free, we all have it. Freedom, what a powerful word right now. It's July, the month of Freedom.

Knowing most will have the unlikelihood of waking up to see a new day this morning, what will you do with this one? I know, sounds morbid, but it's a reality. 
What will you do for the next 6 months? Will it be the same as the past months. How much has happened since the 1st of January & how did it change the course of your life? So many questions. 

Life is full of derails, uppers, downers & therebetween-ers.  But, hey! If you are reading this & I am still writing this, we are still here, surviving it all! 

Choices need to be made, find a way to fill the rest of your days with something you love, something that makes you smile. Godspeed! Happy July! Cheers to the next 6 months!


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