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6:55 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

Cultivate the life outside.

The above photo speaks volumes; my little sister, Vanessa, in the front, flocked by three of my longtime, history holding friends. Denise, on the right, moved to Canada one year ago, owned an art gallery in Atlanta. David, who is Canadian, but no relation to Denise, snapped the photo (appropriately so) is a famous international photographer and Anderson, beside me, is another well-known artist and photographer. He and I share the same Birthday. We are banded and expanded by creativity. 

This past Saturday marked another year of orbiting the earth. 12 whole months from June 17th 2016 to June 17th 2017, and if I have learned anything in that time frame, it's to fill life up to the brim with the people and things you love. 

Right now, I am rolling through some changes, and am hopeful the next 12 months will prove to be exciting and hope-filled. With two big projects on the horizon, one in STEM and the other in Beauty, I can honestly say, things are looking up. I love learning & collaborating, but most of all, I adore the people who help me be a better person, and I hope I can offer them the same in return. 

Here's to another spin around the earth!

xo, melanie

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