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5:31 PMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

This is our 3rd annual Artz Eatz and Beatz. This fundraiser started out as a way to help, educate and to bring awareness to breast cancer and to help fund the research for a cure. I recently lost the love of my life to breast cancer and wanted to do something to continue the effort in fighting this disease. We both loved art, we both loved food and we both loved music, so Artz Eatz and Beatz was born.

Cancer is not black nor white.
It does not care if you are living a happy life, your kids are graduating from college, if you have a new baby or if you just got engaged. 
Cancer will affect your life, whether you are young or old. We all know someone. We are all in this together.

Anderson Smith is witness to the harshness of cancer. This event is about his journey into despair, and how he found a way out. Artz Eatz & Beatz was created as a catalyst to change how we think about cancer. It is a celebration for the survivors and in memory of those who did not make it.

Come out and enjoy art by local artist Anderson Smith, Carmen Ashley Rice, Amber Langford and Amy Radar. Also small bites as well as signature tequila drinks provided by Real Azul Tequila. The Beatz will be spinning by acclaimed DJ Dack Patrick providing great music all night, plus a special live acoustic perfomance by C-Wiz. The AC Hotel Downtown is hosting this amazing event.

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