I DO not want your number

Fake it 'til you're taken! ~Ms. Taken~ Fake Engagement Rings! What awesome fun!!

7:44 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

 Why do I find this ring hilariously fun?
Because so many people (mostly guys) think that not wearing a ring means being desperately single, therefore totally available to be harassed! 
Especially guys who are pumped up on a mixture of testosterone, beer & another round of beers! 
But flirting is all in good fun, and wearing a Ms. Taken ring is all in good humor!
Plus it's pretty!

Not only does it come with a key chain/compact jeweled case....
(most every girlie girl loves her sparkles!)....but you also get a set of Playaz cards to help spot, well, Players....like Unwanted Suitors "Mr. Billy Bob Nascar & Mr. Jamaall That! (I once dated him!)  Click Here  mstaken.com 

Also, check out her blog, so funny brilliant!!

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