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My powder room, 5:45 a.m. 12/27/2010

It's funny how we get into a routine, and it automatically becomes second nature to us!
As I am preparing for my day, something clicked as I brushed my teeth! 
My powder room has three floating shelves instead of a traditional medicine cabinet, so everything is rather exposed. As I brushed my teeth, I actually took noticed of all the things required to really keep a healthy glow! As an avid skincare user, my motto is 'good skin, very little makeup', and to achieve such one must keep a routine, the one I use has not deviated that much for years, well, unless a product was discontinued, but I still kept it solid.

What is your routine? 
Are there certain products that you can not do without?

P.S. Let's not forget what we put inside too! I do not eat fried foods, and eat a lot of antioxidant foods.....I'm just saying....the inside shows on the outside too.....:)

To the following companies & spas below, my face & well-being thanks you! 

Giorgio Armani  Make Up {Saks Fifth Ave or giorgioarmanibeauty.com}
Origins {origins.com}
Aveda {aveda.com}
iwi fresh {iwifresh.com or Pampered Spa-Atlanta}
Amala {myimagejourney.com or Authentic Beauty-Atlanta }

Happy Day!!

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