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Give a Gift to Gab about! ~The Conran Shop~ For the witty sophisticate!

10:23 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

It has been many years since I first graced the doors of The Conran Shop in Marylebone, London!  However, every year around holiday time, I make it my duty to either grace the doors of the New York store, or enjoy the ease of avoiding the cold,  sipping Matcha tea & scanning through the website whilst in bed! 
The Conran Shop is the perfect place to find the gift for the person who really does have everything! From great hostess gifts to cheeky works of cleverness, something can be found for every age group!

I'm open to all possibilities!

Obviously you can see that you are grating on my nerves!

Oscar the Grouch moved next door to the Jeffersons!

Little Liberace!

Re-Use me!

Move so I can breathe!

The Conran Shop!
click CLICK click!

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