Randoms brought to you by cold medicine and whiskey soaked peaches in agave syrup

~Guinea Pigs of Life!~

7:12 PMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

Five things I don't fully understand....I know this is random, but have you ever tried warmed whiskey-soaked peaches in agave syrup?
  1. Whether you should carry a gun. I mean, do you seriously need to if you're not in law enforcement or planning an armed robbery?
  2. If Whole Foods is a gimmick or if all the food there is really 'whole'. All I know is they have some very crispy bacon on their salad bar, and I could eat the whole pan.
  3. I have no idea why people say things like, 'in a nut shell" or "beat a dead horse" or "any friend of yours is a friend of mine". First of all, what size nuts are we talking about? Beat a dead horse? That's some sick shit! Any friend? Like the one who keeps staring at your sixteen year old daughter & drooling? No.
  4. People who go fishing & then throw the fish back in the water because just the fishing part is "therapeutic". Well, not for the fish, who just had a serrated dagger of a hook in it's mouth & then yanked out of the water!
  5. Is there a '5 sec' rule if you drop your food in a New York City subway.....I hope not.

I have a cold by the way, and am now so tired of it that I am making up my own remedies....whiskey soaked peaches just seemed right....lights out!

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