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~A Paradigm in Time!~

9:15 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe


How many of you have an epiphany, and ignore it? 

Too fearful to face the fact that you may be the change that you have been looking for.

I feel the universe gives us the alignment tools to achieve the things we want, however, the universe does not give to the greedy & self-centered, you must have an open heart & the capacity to give back without thinking or regretting. 

I have met some extraordinary people; I have met people that make me want to give the shirt off my back, but I can't because I don't want to go to jail for indecent exposure, but humility takes over.  So I find a shirt that doesn't have a body in it.
 Now, saying this, I know a few of you are thinking, 'well, he drives a Mercedes, and I drive a Honda'! 
The universe doesn't care!  The alignment could care less with the details of cars or things, it doesn't define that person, a thing or things define nothing, because at the end of your life, you can not take it with you. You may have those things, but never love them more than you love your family or friends. These things should never be your constant topic of conversation.

I love beautiful things too, but I feel I have the balance to know that if we had an earthquake & tsunami like Japan, I wouldn't have a second thought about those things, I would be desperately trying to locate those I love & helping those I do not know.

A slight shift of focus makes a world of difference. 

As of April 1st, this blog will focus on the talents, perseverance & brilliant things those around me are doing. The aim of this blog initially was to have you think about creativity from a 'Whole World' point of view, this will remain the same, however, I notice my blog base is people from around the world, and wish to keep including them too!

Most would say, 'oh, thinking outside the box, cool!'
I say thinking from outside the 'cage'. :)

Blessings & Abundance to all, and I thank you for reading!

P.S. any typos, grammatical errors, or misspelled words are totally my fault, I wrote this from my heart & decided not to proof!

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