~Wrap it up!~A No Miss for Target & Missoni!

10:24 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

Yay! Let the countdown begin....

So when Target launched the historic British line Liberty of London a couple of years ago, I was there when the doors to my local Target opened. I purchased all the dresses (well, the ones I REALLY liked, which was like, all of them!) and am still wearing those dresses today, and yes, I actually have on the Peacock dress right now!  So classic! I love the classics!

On September 13, 2011 one of my favorite brands EVER, Missoni will offer their signature waved~lined products to the masses, and if you appreciate style as much as I do, well, you have best be on Target when the doors swing open! (on Target property, that is!)
Oh, how I love to use the colorful play on words! 
Anyway, as I was saying, Missoni is one of the most recognized luxury brands on the planet!  I own a few vintage Missoni pieces and let me tell you, just one scarf, top, or sweater can really add extra style to your everyday look!

Now, I plan to be in line for a few stylish items to wear, however, I am aiming for a couple of these blankets!  I plan to use on the benches by the fire pit in the back yard, or to decorate the dinner table al fresco! The colors will go with any and all table decorations!  
A perfectly fab addition to Fall & the great outdoors! 

Yes, I know you agree and I hope to see you there!

Missoni for Target! 
Take aim on September 13th!

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