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I have been many things in my life, but my humble beginnings actually started in cosmetics!  When I lived in New York, I worked for beauty giant Estee Lauder, and being so close within the confines of the corporate office at Herald Square taught me three very important things!

1. Always look polished.  Your face is the first thing people notice, so there absolutely isn't one excuse for not being on top of this. Not one. Plus, Mrs. Lauder would occasionally float through the offices and spread her lovely admiration, and I felt bad for the girl who stayed out the night before and looked haggard the next day. I never wanted to be her, and I never was.

2. Clean skin is meant for make up, and when I say 'clean skin', I mean well taken care of skin. I love it when people compliment me on my skin. It is a labor of love. I find it interesting when some think that it is all hereditary. If you could see the arsenal of cleansers & treatment, then you would understand that nothing should be taken for granted. And as I age, I absolutely DO NOT take advantage of this! You shouldn't either.

3. Looking great inside and out is equally as important! 
Estee never missed a beat with this one!
We may gain weight, or lose weight; a blemish may pop up, but will eventually disappear; environmental changes wreak havoc on our skin, taking or changing necessary medicines can take their toll on overall health, however, we must always take care of ourselves!
Life gives us an amazing amount of challenges, and some are really hard on our looks as well as our hearts. 
Be kind to yourself and others, it softens life's blows & obstacles that keep us gorgeous, inside and out! 

What an achievement! 
Thanks Estee, your legacy lives on!

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