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~I Heart the Arts!!~

10:35 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

I love to create things. Things from something, nothing & everything! 
I enjoy creating everyday. I must make things, it is my life. 

Each morning, inspiration hits me and then I begin the day with designing, writing, and completion of my projects. As a web designer, some projects take a little bit longer....days or months to finish, however, I do finish each one. Jewelry designs depend on the pieces involved, intricate ones are always a little slower to create. 

When writing, deadlines are always looming, so the days become very long ones and a very quiet place is needed. 

When creating one must have an outline or goal, so all projects become similar, one inspiring the other.

Find time in your day to create, it is most gratifying! 


xo, melanie

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