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Born Again Chic...

10:17 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

I love a good vintage find, and for years I have collected unusual & exotic accessories. I love to comb through estate sales and flea markets, kicking up ago-old dust and digging through boxes where no one really cares to look. 
It's the 'not so neat' places where I find the most gorgeous pieces. These rare finds deserve a second chance!

Like the clutch bags above. These two, found about 12 years a part. It was the color that attracted me to them. The bottom one was full of thick dust, it was absolutely filthy, but the swipe of a wet wipe revealed its true beauty, so I brought it home and cleaned really well. 

The top one, with a brass closure, had a better life. Nestled in the massive closet of a stunning home and in its dust bag. 
Both now equally loved the same. 
Beautiful textures with a splash of vibrant color, perfect for the chic collector who loves to show off their vintage with style!

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