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~Capitol de Beaute Favorite Pages!!~ The Fall 2015 Edition

8:46 PMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

From the pages of Bazaar Mag September 2015:
Lafayette 148 carries sizes for all women; from petite to plus, no one leaves unhappy nor empty handed! 

From the pages of Allure Mag September 2015:
This issue is chocked full of beauty tips for every skin! The Beauty School section is the best! I don't think Jessica Alba does enough! {smirk} 

|Interior Design|
From the pages of Architectural Digest September 2015:
Some girls are just flat out lucky! Mathilde Favier-Meyer has the best flat in Paris ever! AND she works for Christian Dior! Seriously mad style! The powder room, oh geez, AND the shoe closet! The entire thing has me starry-eyed! 
Cheers to living the good life!

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