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~Easy Lays!!~Get Creative when Showing Off your Goods!

12:17 PMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

Ha! Got your attention! 
I'm talking about flat lays! What's a flat lay? It's images of collections of stuff you love. A beautiful grouping that tells a visual story, of sorts, dreamy creative images of 'life from above' styling(s) of bloggers & social media socialites! If you love aesthetics like I do, then flat lays are for you! 

I love flat lays because I enjoy putting together beautiful things to create story boards for my social media sites and blogs, it's so easy too! Just by changing backgrounds, adding a few unique elements and taking advantage of natural light; a flat lay becomes a canvas, like an artist would use, however, the medium is real objects! No fancy cameras needed, some of the best flat lays are created by smartphones. 

Need some guidance? 
Follow my newly created Pinterest board, Flat Lays by Capitol de Beaute & check out @capitoldebeaute@flatlays on IG, the instagram feeds are full of flat lay inspirations! So many gorgeous perspectives, you'll be inspired to make a few of your own! Yay! 

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