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: The Life Aesthetic by Capitol de Beaute :

6:45 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

I can find beauty in everything, from the rotting shed underneath my orchids (it's nurturing & is part of their rebirth, which is lovely in itself) to the crumpled ball of paper thrown in the trash bin. I see it...

Perhaps mentally, I look for it or even create it, however my brain is wired, the highlight is, I do take notice. 

I guess this is why I am drawn to the intentionally beautiful. I am a sucker for product packaging, sometimes I sit and imagine (writers have a lot of imagination, in case you haven't noticed!) Anyway, I visualize what could have been the process of creating. The actual round table discussion of how whatever it is, came to be. 

It is not only about the what can be seen, it is also what can be heard. I love to arrive at the symphony or at a concert well before it starts. I so enjoy the preparation, how the sounds come together, and blend and flow. It is fascinating to me. 
Art, photography, music, and beyond, I am enamored with the before, during, and after. The entire process. I live the life aesthetics....

I hope you find beauty in your everyday life...remember, you have to look for it, train the eyes and ears...once you do, you elevate your sensory to a whole new level. 

xo, melanie
{photo credits: Capitol de Beaute on Instagram : Follow @capitoldebeaute}

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