Hi Ho Hi Ho Its off to work I Go

~Kick up your heels & breathe!~

8:18 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell!
Honestly, what's the rush?!

You know, you can still be highly productive AND take a breather, right?!!

I had to take one of those days yesterday! 
My coffee hadn't quite kicked in & I took a long hard look at my desk, littered with deadlines & vendor 'stuff'! Very overwhelming! So I turned around, plugged in my iPhone, tuned up to Pandora, grabbed another cup of coffee & kicked back in bliss to some nice ambient house music while working methodically at my own pace. 

Instead of feeling flustered by all the crap on my desk (important crap, needless to say!) and the thought of remaining super productive & rushed, I decided to just ease into it!

Sometimes our sense of urgency is self-inflicted, and we spend more time being flustered & overwhelmed, and therefore, getting nothing truly achieved! 


Who cares if your desk is messy, you know where your stuff is, right?!

So I suggest a little 'me' time at work, prioritize, be patient & let the work day come to you! Your inbox will be empty by the end of the day without any mental meltdowns!

Happy Day Sweet Peas, the weekend's just around the corner!! :)


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