~Is love really blind?~Codigo Mio Braille Rings

9:30 AMCapitol de Beaute Blog by Melanie Woodroffe

Without thinking about loss of sight or loss any of my other four senses, or all.
I chose this ring for it's beauty. 
And then my the other half of my brain received the jolt from the double espresso!

We are blind to so many things, even with fully functioning sight!

The Codigo Mio's ring is a sightless approach to love, smooth precious metal on the outside, 
with a secret message inside the ring in Braille, 

only for you
the giver, well....and Codigo Mio, of course! 

I like the idea of a secret, however, you can share intrigue of this ring with others. 
Keep the message to yourself though, as it is truly, truly an ancient art to keep a secret in the 21st Century! 

18K Rose Gold or Sterling Silver, lovely.

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